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Staying Resilient as Leaders – How else can I Help?

Thanks to all of you who regularly give feedback on how helpful these weekly articles have been, not least in supporting you to continue to stay motivated and provide high quality services during the pandemic! Key to that has been your understanding of what has worked for you as a leader, including the importance of having routines, staying on purpose, taking care of yourself and paying attention to the wellbeing of your team.

Emotional intelligence is yet another factor that is important to wellbeing as it helps to build resilience: this includes being kind to yourself and others, learning not to taking things personally and avoiding negative assumptions about people or events.


It is said that wise men learn from their own experiences but sometimes we can learn even more from the experiences of others.

So, what can we share?


This last year has taught us that we all have different ways of coping and different skills as leaders. Most importantly we are still leading and still making a difference!




Therefore I have two requests:

Tell me what worked for you?

What tips and strategies have helped you to stay resilient and balanced? What can you share with colleagues through these articles?


Let me know how else I can support you.

Many of you are currently engaged with me in coaching and group mentoring sessions and others have been in the past but are not currently active. Would free webinars, podcasts (audio or video) mastermind groups or other activities be of interest? And if so what topics would benefit you?

I look forward to your ideas and suggestions. As always it is my privilege to be part of your leadership Journey. Stay safe.