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Lessons from Nido Qubein, President of Highpoint University North Carolina on professionalism and change management


What makes us stand out as professionals?

  • Professionals are motivated by adding value,

  • Professionals see what needs to be done as opposed to what they have been asked to do. Workers ask what it is they need to do and they do it. P

  • Professionals think further out in terms of what needs to be done and are always thinking about growing, expanding etc

  • When professionals think about re-engineering a company it’s not about tinkering with the old way  - it’s about re-imagining and re-engineering the new way

  • Professionals recognise that if you are trying to solve tomorrow’s problems with today’s solutions you are doomed to fail. Change is inevitable. There is no point resisting change , what we have to do is learn to embrace the change and align ourselves with the changes

  • Better still professionals influence and make the best possible decisions with regard to the change


For many people change is more threatening than challenging  - This is because it forces them out of things that are comfortable and familiar but all growth takes place outside our comfort zone. Nido Qubein says that as a rule when you have done something the same way for at least two years there is probably a better way to do it.

As professionals:-

  • We need to accept that change is inevitable and start to see change as exciting rather than a threat.

  • See change as the agent of constant renewal - without change we become stagnant and die.

  • Associate pleasure with change and associate pain with standing still and being stuck in a rut.

  • Approach every day looking for little things that we can change for the better

  • Recognise that we need emotional strength to cope with change and build that resilience ln ourselves and in our staff


How can you show as a professional and an agent for positive change today?

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