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Team Building and Leadership Development

At corporate level I can work with your top team. 


  • To create a strong infrastructure in which safe and effective services can be developed, delivered, audited and strengthened.

  • To help managers to  demonstrate consistent, inspirational leadership  in an increasingly complex and constantly changing environment

  • To increase personal awareness and emotional resilience

  • To promote staff well being, motivation and retention


CEO Coaching & Mentoring (Group & 1-1 available)

My one to one coaching is a partnership whereby I help you see the answers to  all those issues you have been struggling with for months, maybe years and support you to tackle them now!  Whether it’s a performance management problem, a relationship with a colleague, time management, procrastination, or a sense of overwhelm, once we acknowledge it, we can identify ways of tackling it.  I will be your accountability coach, keeping you moving towards and through your goals!


Audits and Reviews

Case management reviews and look back reviews regarding serious incidents are an essential opportunity to capture learning and integrate the lessons into future practice. They need not be threatening.


By involving and engaging staff at an early stage we can ensure the most complex cases and potentially dangerous cases are included within the audit and that the learning embraces feedback from all involved disciplines and agencies as well as service users.  By engaging managers in the design and conduct of the review, providing regular formal and informal feedback and asking them what needs to happen next we get buy in and commitment to the next steps to safer stronger practice.


Training (Group & 1-1)

All training is engaging, dynamic and outcome focused. Whatever the topic or agenda, from presentation skills, to mindfulness,  or tackling chronic neglect,  I guarantee everyone will go away celebrating how much they learned, how many new strategies they got and how much their confidence has increased.

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