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Success in Business


Do you want to?


  • Increase your cash flow.

  • Add 30% to your profit margin in the next year.

  • Spend less time working in your business and more time on your business.


Lynne Peyton is an:

  • Internationally recognised organisation and business coach.

  • Host of international master mind calls for success resources in America.

  • Coach and mentor to top teams and CEO's

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Martina Gibbons - Business Support Manager, TUSLA

Inspiring and invigorating Lynne challenges teams and individuals to change their thoughts, beliefs and actions for the better.  Lynne combines great storytellings with a straightforward common sense, direct style to empower individuals and teams. Lynne is truly a leader in her field.

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Gerard Lowry, Area Manager, Child & Family Services

Lynne's credibility and authority disarms the stuck patterns of behaviour that can paralyse people and organisations. I like that Lynne sees change as something that is achievable now, not something that that requires years of slow development. She challenges and focuses people to create the right attitudes and energy for themselves to-day. Lynne provides an excellent professional service. She brings a personality, professional style, energy and positivity that are assets to the development of individuals, groups and organisations. 

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