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Brigitta Hoeferle
International Speaker,
Educator and Coach

Dr. Susie Mitchell,

Motivational Speaker And Personal & Executive Coach

Jennifer Dumnich,

Coach from CraigandjennyD

Eilidh MacNab,CO, Dublin North East Region

My Management Team and Business Support Team, in Dublin North East,  have benefitted from Lynne's expertise  in recent months. Her professional experience means she is uniquely placed to offer bespoke consultancy and she always goes above and beyond.  Lynne's coaching for me previously as Area Manager  and now as Regional Chief Officer is a challenge at times, but I need this space to think things through and it has helped me immensely.  She has also been influential in assisting us in building the overall team within the Region.


Cathriona Sheehan, Area Manager, Tusla North Dublin

Lynne’s  facilitation of our area wide learning day helped to create an atmosphere of positive energy in which participants were fully engaged with the various  speakers and topics. She is skilled in helping speakers give of their best and in drawing out the themes and issues which will inform future practice.

Paul Gilligan, Chief Executive Officer, St Patrick's Hospital, Dublin

I have worked with Lynne for many years on a variety of different projects including service reviews and the design of new facilities.  Her gifts are an ability to identify the core issues, challenge assumptions and work collaboratively with staff at all levels to come up with ideas and solutions which achieve buy in from staff and service users alike.

Pauline Walmsley, CEO Early Years Organisation

As a recently appointed CEO of a large not for profit organisation, Lynne has supported me recognise my own personal strengths and areas for development in the role. I like Lynne's approach to coaching which focuses on practical strategies that can be applied to the challenges faced and reviewed to support learning and growth

Mark Yalloway, Head of Practice Assurance and Performance Systems, TUSLA  Dublin  

Lynne’s facilitation of a management team building workshop was conducted with sensitivity, challenge and energy. Her ability to respectfully engage and meet objectives,  name core issues directly and non judgementally was impressive and much appreciated by all participants”

Dr Tracey A Monson,  Director Daughters of Charity Child and Family Services

Lynne’s skill in challenging motivating and maximising results from individuals and groups is unsurpassed. She brings a unique highly expert approach to all her work and has a amazing ability to unlock individual potential and bring out the best in people and in organisations. I cannot recommend Lynne highly enough.


William Peelo, Family Centre Manager, Daughters of Charity and Family Services

Anyone searching for increased efficiency and improved outcomes against the backdrop of an ever-changing work environment would be hard pushed to find a better mentor or change-management ally than Lynne Peyton

Colby Pearce, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Secure Start 

Lynne has been an unwaving source of support and inspiration as I have expanded my work beyond Australia.  Her knowledge of what helps and what hinders, drawn from vast experience and coupled with a direct and disarming approach to delivering constructive feedback, has made an indelible mark on my growth as a person and a professional. I am always learning and being inspired to be a better version of myself when I engage with Lynne.

Greg Ryan, Quality, Risk and Improvement Manager, Tusla DML

Working with Lynne, both one-to-one and in a group coaching environment was hugely beneficial and allowed me to work through various issues and opportunities in a supportive, non-judgemental and yet challenging manner. I enjoyed Lynne’s pragmatic examples and anecdotes and her distilling of issues into understandable, insightful and actionable ways of addressing them was invaluable. I really appreciated her warm ‘can-do’ approach and would highly recommend Lynne for both individual and group coaching sessions.


Margaret Timmons, Projects Lead, Tusla Louth Meath

Coming off a recent coaching call with Lynne Peyton,  I felt positive and energised

Emma King, Interim Quality Assurance Manager, Tusla

 This coaching programme has been not only beneficial but also immensely enjoyable. It allowed me to work through current challenges and by the end of each session I felt positive, energised and motivated.

Lynne’s style and approach was the perfect balance of encouraging and (positively) challenging and this was a great fit for me.

The structure of the sessions, combined with Lynne’s knowledge, expertise and insights provided a safe space for development.







Linda Fagan,Business Support Officer,Dublin North City

Lynne’s coaching has built my confidence and as a result I am more assertive and empowered.    The group mentoring

brought us together as team and we were able to build on the knowledge and experience within the group. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Brenda Dillon, Business Support Manager, Kerry Area

Lynne’s positivity and energy is absolutely tangible. It has been a privilege for me to have been afforded the opportunity to attend such professional coaching. I love learning and honing my skills to manage effectively so this has been a great experience.

Lynne’s coaching has built my confidence and as a result I am more assertive and empowered.    The group mentoring

brought us together as team and we were able to build on the knowledge and experience within the group. I really enjoyed the whole experience


Deirdre Noade, Principal Social Worker: Dedicated Point of Contact Teams & Harmful Behaviour Team, Tusla, Louth Meath.

I have had the benefit of attending both 1:1 and group mentoring sessions with Lynne and have found her to be a very skilled mentor.  Lynne has enabled me to fully embrace my role as PSW and develop my leadership skills.  Lynne has also worked with a number of my Team Leaders, with excellent results in terms of developing their confidence levels and equipping them with the necessary skills to address challenging issues within their role.  Thank you, Lynne!

Regina Hamilton, PSW, Assessment & Intervention Team, Tusla North Dublin Area

As a new Principal Social Worker I had just stepped way out of my comfort zone when I began my coaching journey with Lynne . Working with Lynne gave me the opportunity to slow down , really consider the beliefs I held about myself and realise how some of the less helpful ones were actually holding me back . Lynne helped me change the narrative and stop making excuses which in turn freed me up to take different actions and grow as a leader.

Tracy Schmitt BRLS, B.Ed, MBA, Motivational Speaker and Author, Canada

Lynne Peyton and I know each other in a Mega Success Business Community known out of more than 70 countries. That circle is already the elite of top performers and Lynne comes highly recommended as the top 1% of the best of the best. I highly recommend Lynne for any of your executive coaching needs.

Anne Lyons, Social WOrk Team Leader, TUSLA, Louth Meath Area 

The programme was very useful and enjoyable. It provided an opportunity to look at the role in a protected space and away from the office. Lynne was an excellent facilitator and provided great support throughout.

Aisling Byrne, Intake Team Leader, TUSLA, Dublin South Central, Ireland

My 1:1 session was very beneficial as Lynne empowered me to validate the hard work that I have done during my time as Social Work Team Leader and helped me to formulate an action plan to address issues that are causing me stress and difficulty in my role. I find Lynne’s style of coaching very engaging and enjoyable and would highly recommend the process to my peers”.

Edel McKenna, Senior Manager Safeguarding, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Lynne's chairing of a recent Case Management Review (CMR) was insightful, respectful and thought provoking. With her guidance the Team worked to the spirit of what a CMR is all about - learning from the past so that we don't repeat the mistakes in the future

Clodagh Henshaw, Principal Social Worker, TUSLA, North Dublin Area 

I have worked with Lynne individually & with my teams for a number of years during times of challenge & change. Lynne’s knowledge & coaching, (always asking the right and at times difficult questions) challenged me to be a better leader. Lynne supported me in better understanding my individual managers, their strengths & areas of further development while also providing me with ideas as to how to achieve optimal results with them. My coaching sessions with Lynne always provided a space for reflection with much thinking & further reflection thereafter on our discussions & Lynne’s shared wisdom. Goal setting & actions was integral of my sessions with Lynne & significant personal & professional goals were achieved.

Martina Gibbons - Business Support Manager, TUSLA

I have had the pleasure of attending different sessions facilitated by Lynne.

Inspiring and invigorating Lynne challenges teams and individuals to change their thoughts, beliefs and actions for the better.  Lynne combines great story telling with a straightforward common sense, direct style to empower individuals and teams. Lynne is truly a leader in her field. 

Andrew Thomson, Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland

Lynne, many thanks for another excellent report. Your approach and experience have provided balanced and valuable insight to this case and I am sure has added to the future protection of children in Northern Ireland.

Ryan Cassidy, Intake Team leader, TUSLA, Dublin South Central Area

I found Lynne’s C.O.R.E. Leadership Programme very empowering and challenging.  It helped me clarify and take responsibility for my role as Team Leader and to be more confident about how I delegate tasks and responsibilities to others. My communication generally is more clear, concise and effective.’

His Excellency Major General Mohammed Bin Alawadi Alminhali, General Director of Policing Operations

Abu Dhabi Police is pleased to thank you for all your efforts and distinguished participation in its 2nd Crime Prevention Conference 2014. Your paper on 'Investing in Motherhood and Early Childhood' was of great value to those who attended.

Haley Thompson, TV Presenter/Emcee/Producer/Co-Founder Entrepreneur

Lynne’s innate leadership skills have been invaluable to our company - and to our large database of medical and health professionals. Lynne came highly recommended by previous clients and still managed to exceed our expectations with her natural ability to teach, motivate and inspire.

Stephen Rogers, Lead Nurse, CAMHS, SHSCT

To experience Lynne chair this Case Management Review was such great learning for me. Lynne’s expertise and ability in scrutinising the detail, as well as taking a strategic perspective, alongside the respectfulness and ability to politely challenge and lead others, resulted in a very productive process with the best possible outcomes.

Joanne Kerr, Team Leader, TUSLA, North Dublin Area

Lynne’s training and coaching in leadership skills has been invaluable for me as a first time manager and my confidence as a Team Leader has grown significantly.  I especially enjoyed learning the ‘Seven Steps to Change’ and  how to better understand someone else’s model of the world - I put both into regular use now. 

Coachee, Professional Support Service BASW

I recently took the opportunity of accessing coaching through the BASW  Professional Support Service in  Northern Ireland

 The sessions with Lynne came just at the right time for me and I gained so much through her empowering and motivating words and conversation. I am using the tools and guidance to empower my own staff. I would definitely recommend the service to everyone as it provides an opportunity to talk through issues with a trusted and experienced, volunteer coach.

Alan Corcoran, HR Manager, Daughters of Charity Child & Family Service

Team building days with Lynne were inspiring, supportive and challenging in equal measures. I feel like I have made significant progress on both a personal and professional level, and that the team is more effective and productive as a result of the training. I would highly recommend Lynne as a trainer and coach.

Marie and Deirdre - Social Workers  - Connectedforlife

Hi Lynne, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for facilitating the IAIA conference. The conference was fantastic, and your facilitation helped things to run smoothly, to energise and excite the audience and to ensure everything was organised and timely. You are an amazing public speaker and event host, so gentle and natural. I particularly loved your last comment about coming from a place of 'service'. It gave us an insight into your values and reminded us why we were there. Thank you.

Liam O Dalaigh, Former Director of Services, Daughters of Charity Child & Family Service (Retired)

Lynne is dynamic, challenging and supportive in equal measures.

Cathal Grant, Centre Development and Children's Rights Officer, Tusla Child Wellbeing Centre

It only seems like yesterday when Lynne walked into the Child Wellbeing Centre at the beginning of this new exciting project. Now as we are going into our third year we still benefit and value Lynne's ongoing contribution. Lynne challenged us, motivated us, developed us, laughed with us and ultimately never let us forget the reason why we come to work each day, to protect and improve the lives of children and families, always.

Fergal McDonald - Principal Social Worker, Midlands Area  Tusla

That a diverse group of staff and managers could be so energised and engaged around the subject matter (Tackling Childhood Neglect) late on a Friday afternoon is testament to Lynne Peyton's capacity to tap into and address hugely relevant and critical practice themes.She combines this capacity with up to date knowledge, experience and a 'no nonsense' positive outlook. Her method and personal qualities make her a standard bearer for interactive learning.

Paul Byrne, Aftercare Coordinator

Lynne, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful training day on neglect. You had us all hooked in from the first moment to the last, which is no mean feat, given the weightiness of the subject. Your enthusiasm, positivity and breadth of knowledge was exceptional, we want to bottle it up! 

Deirdre Mahon, Assistant Director, Western Health and Social Care Trust

Lynne has assisted the Trust with reviewing a number of complex cases and has provided us with an analysis of risk as well as recommendations as to how child protection planning can be more child centred, outcome-focussed and time-lined.  Her reports are of a very high standard, are always fair and balanced, while not avoiding any of the tough issues.

Amber McCloughlin, Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children, Antrim Area Hospital

'I have recently worked with Lynne on a case management review. She is enthusiastic and skilled in engaging practitioners at all levels, identifying what has been done well and challenging practice when appropriate. Her wealth of experience, objectivity and clarity of thinking ensures that the child is at the centre of any review of practice.

Detective Chief Inspector Anne Marks (retired)  Service Improvement Department, Police Service of Northern Ireland

I have had the pleasure of working with Lynne for an extensive period of time. This has included inspecting child protection services across Northern Ireland (2005/6) and again, more recently, into the review of a child's death examining, in particular, how professionals and agencies worked together (2010/11). As a result, I can confidently say that Lynne's expertise and enthusiasm has contributed much to the ongoing work of child protection.

Marie Therese Mulholland, Designated Person for Child Protection and Welfare St Patrick's University Hospital, Dublin

Lynne's experience, knowledge and skill has been a valuable resource in aiding me to develop the role and service within a mental health setting.  Together we set goals and targets which with the help of Lynne's expertise were achieved. There have been numerous benefits to having been mentored by Lynne both professionally and personally. I can highly recommend the work Lynne does.

Martina McGrath, Principal Social Worker, Roscommon LHO, HSE

Lynne's review of neglect cases in Roscommon came at a very difficult time for staff following the publication of the Roscommon Child Care Case. She was skilful in engaging staff in the process and transparent in all her interactions. She acknowledged good practice and commended professionals for their interventions, as well as identifying the need for additional safeguards.

Ruth Daly, NEW Co-ordinator

The session was inspirational and motivating and we all had the same uplifting experience with lots to think about and take action on

Valerie Devine, Principal Practitioner, WHSCT

Thank you for providing this training.  It was well worth taking the time out of a busy schedule. It was excellent and achieved so much in only half a day! I have already used some of the tips on reframing events and triads for success in personal and work circumstances.  All of the staff who attended found it uplifting and there is quite a buzz in the office created by it. One of the reluctant participants summed it up for me when she said 'I am so happy I was talked into going, I feel like I have new energy'.  Your energy and enthusiasm were infectious and I would love to attend further events

Aoife Roche,

 A.I & Marketing Consultant, 

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