2020 Programme includes:

  • CORE Leadership Training Programme - delivered continuously to multiple statutory and not for profit organisations

  • Coaching Senior executives throughout Ireland

  • Workshop and conference facilitation

  • Special projects to expand services in individual agencies throughout Ireland


Leadership and Change Management Coach – Lynne Peyton




Lynne is an accomplished speaker, trainer and conference chair.

She assists organisations to assess
and deliver their training needs.

Executive Coaching

Coaching high level leaders across a range of organisations is one of the most effective ways of bringing about organisational change.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 with coaching colleagues Susie Mitchell, London and Unstoppable Tracey Schmitt, Toronto

CORE Leadership Programme January – December 2019

The CORE multi-level leadership and empowerment programme for managers at all levels in several  TUSLA areas has been influential in bringing about not just service improvement but a much greater sense of purpose and fulfilment, which in turn leads to stability and staff retention.  Feedback typically cites greater confidence, stronger relationships, clarity about role, better strategies for empowering staff, clearer boundaries  and the ability to use authority appropriately to have difficult conversations and tackle issues before they become major challenges.



Safeguarding Board for N.I. 2018 - 2019

By chairing high level multi agency case management reviews into circumstances where children have died or been seriously injured, Lynne continues to add to the body of knowledge informing future child protection practice and has been the keynote speaker in multiple SBNI training events to share the learning from a wide range of case management reviews.


South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust 2018

This leadership programme, spanning several months, greatly enhanced the confidence, communication and capacity of Team leaders to  empower and set higher standards. An added benefit was the involvement of the training officer to ensure follow up support.


National Crisis intervention and Out of Hours Service February – March - October 2019

Working across the country after hours and at weekends, this service has unique approaches and challenges, not least the limited opportunities for working together. Building a sense of team and promoting common approaches were key elements of the success of this programme.


Daughters of Charity Children and Family Services January – December 2019

Coaching the CEO, building the Top Team and developing a relevant strategic plan which tests previous boundaries as well as empowering centre and service managers at a time of considerable organisational change has reignited the passion within an organisation which has served the greater Dublin community for many decades.


St Patricks Mental Health Services 2018-2019

Bringing an independent perspective to a range of issues impacting services can be an essential aspect of good governance.


Tackling Childhood Neglect Workshop – Northern Health and Social Care Board Conference 

As a keynote speaker Lynne shared the stage with Professor Jan Howarth to assist understanding and mitigate the impact of childhood neglect.

Tackling Childhood Neglect Workshop – 2018-2019

Following workshops for PPFS and PHNs in Cavan, Monaghan and front line staff in Louth Meath in 2019, discussion are underway for a Train the Trainer programme using Lynne’s ebooks and training materials which are already in widespread use in services and universities.

Irish Attachment in Action Conference
May 2018

Dublin North East Workshops
Thresholds workshops

September 2017

5 May 2017 - Conference Facilitator

Irish Attachment In Action Launch Event

January 2017

TIGALA Conference

Breaking the Cycle of Neglect - Keynote Address

Leadership and Change Management Coach – Lynne Peyton
Leadership and Change Management Coach – Lynne Peyton
Leadership and Change Management Coach – Lynne Peyton
Leadership and Change Management Coach – Lynne Peyton
Leadership and Change Management Coach – Lynne Peyton
Leadership and Change Management Coach – Lynne Peyton
Leadership and Change Management Coach – Lynne Peyton
Leadership and Change Management Coach – Lynne Peyton