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My meeting with the Inspirational Stacey Griffin from Soul Cycle

The world is full of inspirational women and so many of them never get to share their story. I was so delighted therefore to have the opportunity to chat with Stacey Griffin of Soul Cycle about her new motivational book Two Turns to Zero.

At almost 50 Stacey looks 10 years younger and seeing her huge smile and observing her massive vitality and enthusiasm for life, it’s difficult to comprehend how many challenges she has overcome. A childhood characterized by parental alcoholism, struggling from an early age to understand why she felt so different, dropping out of school through boredom, coming to terms with being a gay teenager in the 1980s and addicted to alcohol and drugs in her 20s. Following the death of her best friend through suicide, she knew she had to combat her demons and overcome her addictions, but didn’t know how to start.

It was her lifelong passion for both sport and music which led to her becoming a master instructor in spin classes in New York and growing the Soul Cycle brand teaching up to 20 classes a week. Motivating people of all ages, to wake up, set the intention for the day and align their body, mind and spirit through music and exercise, her energy and love for life are infectious.

Stacey tells her story with such humour and humility that she connects with every member of her audience.

Given the extent to which addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs and a range of other substances characterizes the lives of so many children across North America, the UK and Ireland today, I asked Stacey about the factors that helped her overcome her addiction, and what advise she would have for others.

She stressed the importance of bringing difficult subjects out into the open and helping people to talk about them. That holds true for those experiencing dependence on alcohol and drugs as well as for the children whose lives are impacted by the parental addictions. Stacey also stressed the importance of being part of a ‘tribe’. Working with groups of like-minded people in clubs, communities and support groups are so important to recovery. Nobody can do it alone – everyone needs a hand up!

Music is so important for self-motivation because it creates a vibration in your body that you cannot achieve when you are at rest. Empowering messages and mantras resonate more powerfully in our bodies when they are combined with music.

So in summary, the essential ingredients to a fulfilled life are in Stacey’s opinion, telling your truth, owning your weaknesses and finding help and support. Music, focus, determination and finding a tribe are essential.

Stacey’s book, Two Turns to Zero includes antidotes, stories, recipes, exercises, mantras and an overall feel good factor. A definite read for all those combatting their demons and on guiding others to do so.

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