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The Link Between Leadership, Culture and Staff Wellbeing: Tips for Self-Care

The culture of organisations is largely measured by how the leadership values and cares for its staff. Taking care of ourselves as leaders, modelling good self-care strategies and ensuring our staff look after themselves has never been more important. Staff vacancies across the health and social care sector means more is expected of staff at all levels and this can lead to stress. Through the JT Foxx Global network, my husband and I have become good friends with Dr Andrew Greenland, a specialist in Functional, Anti-Ageing and Metabolic Medicine and have benefited personally from his advice.

Andrew is currently providing regular, short podcasts on Linked in, designed to increase our awareness of the impact on our body and mind of stress, and how many factors can contribute to it; too little sleep, not taking time to exercise and time to rest. He also advises that having too much sugar in our diet can contribute to a general sense of malaise. As well as ensuring we are better informed, Andrew suggests simple strategies and daily disciplines to improve our physical and mental health – not just now – but in the future as well. In a month when Bruce Willis’s family shared he is suffering from dementia at only 67, we also need to think about preventive strategies to mitigate long term deterioration in our mental capacity. DR Andrew Greenland- Linked In

Start making small changes to improve your lifestyle: • If you can’t get to or don’t like the gym – walk in the park and clear your head. • Become more conscious of what you are eating – check the labels – you would be surprised how some brands are much higher in sugar. • Switch off phones well before bedtime and aim for 7 hours minimum sleep each night.

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