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Leadership and Culture Insights from Adam Coffey

I spent a recent weekend at a conference with Adam Coffey a serial CEO with extensive experience of buying, growing, and consolidating businesses to sell them at a profit. What was most significant was the significance he placed on having an engaged workforce and making each company a place where people wanted to work.

“You control your results by building culture form the ground up.” • When you have an engaged workforce, “Magic happens”. • Culture helps to hold people accountable. • When you have a strong culture and an engaged workforce, you can ‘take a pounding.’ • Most people leave because they don’t like their boss or don’t think their boss is fair. • Once they decide to leave, they often use money to justify them leaving. • Every organisation needs to focus on building a strong Leadership Team. • Strong leaders empower their people to make decisions. • Ownership should be at the lowest point of the organisation when it can be made to happen. • Leaders are not allowed to have bad days!!

We all have days when bad things happen but our role as leaders is to steady the ship and continue to show up with the ‘game face’ truly in place.

Which one of these insights resonates most with you and how will it influence your leadership role today? For more information on CORE leadership skills please visit my website at Communication Optimisation Relationships Evaluation


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