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10 Secrets to Success in 2017

While there are many ideas and theories on how to succeed most of them come down to a few simple practices and beliefs, all of which are within our control.

Try these out for a great 2017:-

  1. How you think is everything. Choose to think positively and focus on success.

  2. Accept that mistakes and failures are part of development. Learn to fail forward. Get the learning from setbacks.

  3. Decide what you really want and go after it. Write down specific goals for each area of your life this year - work, family, health, leisure and finances - and make sure they are in harmony.

  4. Take massive action - Action is the bridge between thoughts and results. Just do it. Make a start.

  5. Grow your mind every day - read a book, take a course, learn something new and implement it.

  6. Persist through obstacles. Life is a journey and success is not what you achieve, it is who you become in the process of working towards your goals.

  7. Focus on where you are and where you are going - do not get distracted by other people's agenda or by their negativity..

  8. Dare to be different. Don't follow the crowd. Choose your peers well. You are who you spend your time with.

  9. Communicate with people more effectively. Relate to others in their model of the world. Learn how to motivate and encourage others. Bring others along with you and give them a hand up.

  10. Be honest, trustworthy and dependable - do everything with integrity.

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