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Leadership in Action – How to get Outstanding Results and feel good about the Process.

Leadership in Action – How to get Outstanding Results and feel good about the Process.

This week I worked with a group of managers who had just accomplished what seemed like an insurmountable task. Yet they managed to get through a huge volume of work in a lot fewer days and hours than they had anticipated.

As part of our journey in understanding effective leadership, we identified the factors underpinning their successful and satisfying outcome. These included;

  • Involvement of top leadership throughout the implementation process. The most senior person in the organisation was present, fully engaged and committed to the task, working alongside colleagues at all levels.

  • There was a SMART plan for tackling the challenge. There was a specific task and outcome to be achieved; progress was measured and there was confidence that the outcome was achievable and realistic with the number of staff dedicated to it. The findings would assist with greater realism about future management of the work. Finally, the timing of the exercise was agreed in advance and the timetable communicated. This was truly a SMART approach.

  • There was collective ownership which engendered a sense of collegiality.

  • Energy levels were high at the outset and increased with the speed of accomplishment.

  • Communication was face to face and the feel-good factor was enhanced by regular updates on progress.

  • The sense of empowerment continually increased alongside the evidence of accomplishment.

This exercise proves a number of formula which I regularly share when coaching management teams.

Mindset + Skillset + Action = Results


There was a determination by the top manager that the task could and would be achieved within a certain week and a commitment by all involved to ensure it was accomplished.


All the managers had the necessary understanding and competency to make the required assessments and to take decisions.


There was massive action with all managers taking part and doing their bit for the project. Action is the bridge between plans and results.


The results required were clear, they were captured regularly and communicated back to the team. .

Success Breeds Success

It was the sense of accomplishment that heightened energy levels and inspired people to even greater commitment. Too often we focus on the challenges, worry about what we did not get done and often we do not take time to recognise and celebrate our achievements and to give thanks for the opportunity to serve our clients, to work together with colleagues and to make a real difference.

One shared exercise = massive benefits and huge learning opportunities.

What wins can you celebrate today?

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