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Author, Co-Author, Published Journal Writer & Editorial Board Member


Highly Experienced & Qualified


  • Senior Manager in Health and
    Social Care  - 15 Years


  • Lay Magistrate in the Family
    and Youth Courts - 10 Years


  • Consultant to Senior

  • Managers - 17 Years

  • Some clients have retained Lynne’s services repeatedly for up to  15 years

Specialist to Senior Managers Experiencing...


  • Organisational Consultant & Personal Coach to Senior Managers

  • International Keynote Speaker

  • Book Author and Published Journal Writer


If you are a Senior Manager who is frustrated, overwhelmed, or in crisis in your professional position or personal life, I can make a massive difference. Just ask…


After service as a Senior Manager for the Health and Social Care Board of Northern Ireland for 15 Years, Lynne has been a consultant to Senior Managers in the Child and Family agency for 17 years, and excels in coaching corporate Senior Managers in their personal aswell as business lives.

Let me help you get things…Back In Order (B.I.O.)


In Your Organisation

I will help you gain or regain control by assessing and improving your Confidence, Leadership, Governance, Recruitment, Prioritizing, Energy Management, Time Management, Conflict Management, Communication, Persuasion and Influence.

In Your Personal Life

I will help you gain or regain control by identifying your pain points, creating work-life balance, building emotional resilience, identifying triggers, anchoring strong, improving health and financial security, goal setting and accountability.



Paul Gilligan, CEO, St Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin

Lynne’s gifts are an ability to identify the core issues, challenge assumptions and work collaboratively with staff at all levels to come up with solutions which achieve buy-in from staff and service users alike.


Linda Creamer, Service Director, TUSLA, Dublin North East

Lynne managed to make it fun, engage everyone in the process and help us come up with a workable action plan which will definitely enhance practice.  Her energy and ability to get the best from people in challenging forums is outstanding.


Tracey Monsoon, Acting Director, Daughters of Charity, Child and Family Service

Lynne Peyton is such an effective coach  - she  is like a laser cutting straight through all the excuses and negative blocking beliefs to uncover my purpose.


Martina Gibbons, Business Support Manager, TUSLA

Lynne combines great story telling with a straight forward common sense direct style to empower individuals and teams. 


Marie and Deirdre, Connected for Life

Lynne is an amazing public speaker and event host.


His Excellence, Major General Mohamed Bin Alawadi Alminhali,
General Director of Policing Operations, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi thanks you for your distinguished participation in it’s second Crime Prevention Conference 2014.

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