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Mega success- The power of influencing

Just completed the pre-event of Mega Success in Los Angeles.

Tomorrow 2500 thought leaders and business owners will all be in one place mentoring and supporting each other to be even more influential in their business and their communities.

Today was the warm up !!

And I loved the speakers - all of whom I've worked with at previous JT Foxx events.

Damien Elston is one of the most powerful and authentic speakers ever. He believes that we all have a responsibility to influence people to get out of their own way, to challenge negativity and step into their potential.

What an honor to be part of this mega success family and to be able to integrate this learning into all my training,coaching and mentoring to support you and your organisations.

While we are making a huge difference in Ireland north and south we need to be hungry for more - and network internationally.

Key theme for today was:-

How can we each leave a legacy ?

How can we be significant Influencers in our business and in our community?

We do it by helping others and rather than doing it on our own we can have a bigger impact in partnerships with others.

This week I'm looking for people I can learn from, partner with and joint venture with to make a bigger difference.

I'm looking for smart, strong minded, resilient and positive individuals who can help me leave a bigger legacy.

#leadership @jtfoxx

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