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Pledge of the Universidad Europea

Last week we attended our son’s graduation in Valencia, Spain. As a mature student, he realised his goal to be a dentist and we were delighted to be part of such a dignified, multicultural and colourful event. The most poignant moment was when all the graduates, led by their teachers, made the following pledge in front of all their family and friends.

Pledge of the Universidad Europea

As a graduate of the Universidad Europea, on the day of my graduation, I pledge, before you and before society, to be an honorable professional and to demonstrate exemplary behavior.

Because I have been, I am, and will be an alumnus of the University,

I pledge:-

To thank and honor all those who have made my education possible: to my family, friends and teachers.

To share my knowledge with generosity.

To face my mistakes with humility and strive to keep on learning.

Because I am a professional, I pledge:-

To comply with the codes of professional ethics, to improve and dignify my work environment, and to always act with integrity and truth.

Because I am a citizen of a global world, I pledge:-

To respect the principles of coexistence, tolerance, justice and liberty

To value diversity and defend human rights

From now and forever, together with my classmates of the Universidad Europea, as an alumnus and as a professional, I will collaborate with passion to construct a better world.

It made such a deep impression that I wanted to share it with all my colleagues. As as a Social Worker and as a consultant who supports professionals across a range of disciplines, I am committed to living by and encouraging others to live by these principles. Will you?

Lynne Peyton

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