March 1, 2017

At an event this month at which I gave the keynote address a number of Senior Managers shared their anxiety about making presentations. While it might sound strange that they were anxious about talking about a subject that they know well to an audience of professional...

January 3, 2017

While there are many ideas and theories on how to succeed most of them come down to a few simple practices and beliefs, all of which are within our control.

Try these out for a great 2017:-

  1. How you think is everything. Choose to think positively and focus on success.


October 21, 2016

I was asked by a group of Social Workers last week "how should we be tackling childhood neglect?" "How do we intervene effectively at an early stage so that the impact of neglect does not get compounded?"

Those are all great questions which are addressed in my ebook Tac...

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